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Gerry Vivo is a contactless artificial-intelligence-based, anonymous monitoring system, designed to create a better patient-care experience.

Artificial-intelligence allows us track a human’s activity and alert caregivers to conditions that require attention, while eliminating issues attached to camera systems.


Silent Observer

As a silent observer, Gerry unobtrusively detects human actions and behaviors 24/7.  Every day activities such as getting out of bed, washroom usage, walking about and many others can be securely monitored.

Privacy Protection

Our patent pending process scans and detects human movement and converts it into geomatical data points, before sending to users.

All of the conversion takes place on-board the Vivo chipset. No humanly identifiable images are stored or transmitted.

Automatic Notification

Gerry allows you to configure parameters for sending alerts to mobile devices such as a Smart Phone or Tablet.  Nurse Call systems would routinely be notified of events in real time.

Custom Alerts

Gerry identifies falls and other abnormal behavior, so that help can be dispatched immediately. The system can intelligently update previous alerts (eg. a person trips but is able to recover or get up on their own), reducing false alerts.

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